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When I realized I hadn't added a song to my blog for a long time, I thought I had nothin to add!   But wait.  That's not true.  This song pops into my head every once and a while and cozys up to my psyche.   Must have heard it played somewhere when Ben E King died because its burrowed in my head for sure....all nice and comfortable.   Appropriate since I am deep in love right now....with my Grandson!   

Blood and Breath

Please don't move, whatever you do, while I'm Adding The Blue



I haven't added any music in months!   So, without inspiration, let me rack the jukebox that is my brain and come up with some ditty.  I know!   This played on the radio this morning while I made breakfast.....Hope I can find it

Eureka!  Gold!

The version this morning was different.  I don't remember any strings.  And those strings are pretty memorable!  Also, it took a while before I was sure Nat King Cole was the singer, his phrasing was different, but it was him, the announcer confirmed it.  It was very nice.  but I don't hear it on youtube.

Who Am I Now?

Can I dig it?  Yes, I can.


Best Laid Plans

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But its ok.  This chick transports.



Hard to watch the video of the Santa Barbara killer. The child was very twisted. Resentful because he couldn't get a girl. His social anxiety rotted and morphed into a homicidal pathology. Yet, nerdy kids like the ones in the following video look so very similar, but rise and create such joy and transcendence! If only the killer could have found such expression!

Device Delight

Shuffle feature dialed up a fun combo today.  


April's Fool

Happy St Valentine's Day

The seventh posting of the annual St. Valentine's Day song.  And May The Blessed Heavenly Saint Intercede On Our Behalf Today, His Feast Day, And Send Us All The Lovin We Can Handle.  Amen

Carry Me

Close listening doesn't work with electronic music and me.  I get upset and anxious because I can't hear the product that results in the touch of humans beings on physical matter.  But hold on.....I realized that if I just let it a kind of textured layer to the air around actually seeps into the molecules in my body....and it "feels" very very good!  Kinda sneaky that.

Apropro of the human touch thing....I can't play a kazoo.  All the following talk is totally above my head but....I know cool when I hear it!  I saw the show she speaks of...more cool indeed.


I Look Around Me

Yum to this!  Always loved this song.... I sang it in the car as I drove home alone on the afternoon I lost my virginity in a too long postponed but very exotic manner oh those long long years ago.  This band became Sun Kil Moon, whose album April is one of my current favorites.  There's a new one due in February.  


Is Anybody Out There?


Did Hlpflwthat's spam help you to find this blog?  The man is helpful with that.   Apparently a connectivity mastermind.  I'll check in, via his road map, again later to see if anybody has posted any blogs.  Fingers crossed. My blog's dashboard has been upgraded!  The Outlook for this wrap around is seeming

better and better  Here's a serendipitious toe tapper, (a GREAT recording!)   for your listening enjoyement.


NYC Serenade

This song has a visceral effect on me.   The atmosphere it calls up is sooooo familiar.  Sends me back to a time before driver's licenses and boy friends......   To a time when we hung out on the streets of the city in wandering, roaming packs, teenagers on the hunt.... in love with life.  He wrote this song at the exact same time as I was living it.  ITs about the same place, the same air.    Its truth....Its the real deal.



Diggin this and wanting more.......



ITs really heating up around here.  the stress is piling body has that panicked feeling .....more bad news x other bad news x critical developements needing decisions and commitments and strategies.... all of this coming to a head at the same time......  I woke up this morning  with this in my head....I haven't heard it since I was a little girl.   How the hell am I going to navigate and make the right decisions when I have a juke box for a brain!

And him!   Every bit of advice he's given wrong. 

But really.....I think my body would have just seized up and given out right now from stress without his tender touch.   Breathe......deep.

Closing Time

I love my blog.  Its so nice and cozy in here.  I never see any blog activity on my feed.  And I don't see a category on my home page to see any other people's  EP blogs.. That's a shame but my music blog will go on... this is another one for the files..  Eric Clapton redid the following song on his new CD. 'Old Soc'.....I like it alot!  Its great but I  can't find that version. Here's an old one he did...... this song brings back a memory.

Way back when, oh let me see.....1977 or so, i worked the closing shift at a supermarket.   All my coworkers were  young and it was a fun time in my life.  We stayed open till midnight, and almost every night, just as we were making the closing announcements, one of our favorite customers would inevitiably come in for a few last minute purchases.  He was a grand old gent.  Wore his hat jaunty, tilted on the side of his head.   Nine times out of ten, he would come directly from the bar so he was usually feeling no pain.  He was just a happy guy.  As we closed up the store, he sometimes serenaded us with the following song.   We could  hear him all over the store as he walked up and down the aisles.   He put a smile on every single one of our faces.  And a little blush too.  He had a devilish wink!  I wish I could remember his name.  I sure do remember his spirit.   


Find A Way

Geeze.   Bein hit from a few different directions at the same time. One of those times in life when you look back later and say somethin like,  "should have done....."   But what?"  One things for sure, I don't want to be knocked down. Whatever happens, best to keep cool, cool, cool.  Stress kills and living is good.  

Deep, long sustaining breaths.


Old School

The ear plugs are gathering dust in the corner of the desk over there since school ended and  I"m not waiting in bus lines anymore.  Should put them away.  Anyway, the stereo is playing pretty.  She's a musical treasure trove, that's for sure.



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